O rei o res. La fi del comtat d’Urgell [King or nothing. The end of the County of Urgell]

Author: Various authors

Edition: Museum of La Noguera - City Hall of Balaguer

Characteristics: 466 pages, 21 x 24 x 2,5 cm

Language: Catalan (translation Spanish, English, French)

Publication: September 2016

Bibliographic review

In the editorial line, which started with the collection of Andalusian materials and religious objects from the background of the Museum of La Noguera, “O rei o res. La fi del comtat d’Urgell” (“King or nothing, the end of the County of Urgell”) gathers the collection of late medieval objects associated with the County of Urgell, many of which come from the different excavations made in the castle in the 60s of the last century; objects that are part of other institutions and private collections are also included.

“O rei o res. La fi del comtat d’Urgell” is a compilation about the history of the region of Urgell, in which historians, art historians, archaeologists have participated... A work that promises to be a review of published historiography about everything from the region of Urgell from contemporary works to those written at the end of the county, such as “La fi del comte d’Urgell” written during the same fifteenth century, including Jerónimo Zurita (16th century), Diego de Monfar y Sors (17th century), Jaume Villanueva (19th century) or Pere Sanahuja (20th century), from the perspective of current researchers of the level of Dr. Prim Bertran, who makes a renewed reading with the incorporation of new data.

The book is structured around different articles (El comtat d’Urgell. Aproximació històrica de Prim Bertran Roigé, El castell Formós de Balaguer, escenari del poder comtal, Els comtes d’Urgell, promotors artístics, Els llibres del comte Pere II d’Urgell de Alberto Velasco González y Francesc Fité Llevot; El castell Formós de Balaguer: arqueologia d’una fesomia de Carme Alòs Trepat, Javier Escuder Sánchez y Eva Solanes Potrony; La construcció de la memòria documental de la ciutat de Balaguer fins a la fi del comtat d’Urgell de Robert Cuellas Campobarde; El setge de Balaguer de 1413 por Ferran d’Aragó d’Esteban Sarasa; and La fi del comtat d’Urgell. Parlen els seus protagonistas, de Virgínia Costafreda Puigpinós) that provide a global and exhaustive vision of different aspects about the county and the causes that led to the defeat in 1413 from the update of the data by the scholars who know it best.

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