BALAGUER. UN SEGLE DE VIDA, CENT ANYS DE FUTBOL [Balaguer. A century of life, one hundred years of football]

Author: Joan Bové Cortiella

Edition: Museum of La Noguera – City Hall of Balaguer

Characteristics: 466 pages, 21 x 24 x 1 cm

Language: Catalan

Publication: November 2016

Bibliographic review

“Balaguer. Un segle de vida, cent anys de futbol” is a review of the history of football in the capital of La Noguera, since its arrival in 1916, with the founding of the Bargusios Society of Football, to this day. A history that cannot be separated from the history of the city, since its sporting successes and its failures, the projects of the club and its protagonists are intimately related to the social, cultural and even political events of the city. A history in which the real protagonists are the football players, the coaches and the presidents and directors of different times of the club; the different football fields of the city and, above all, the many anecdotes that have happened during the last hundred years.

The book reviews the initial 1920s and the first half of the decade of the 1930s, before the Civil War, when football shared importance with cycling and boxing; the sports paralysis during the war and the hard years of the post-war period, when the C.F. Balaguer was founded from the ashes of the Balagarian Sports Union; the first promotion to Third Division in the 1956-1957 season with a team formed by local players; the glorious sixties; the crossing of the desert of the seventies and beginning of the eighties, and the return to Third Division; the triumphant era of the nineties with four play-offs of promotion to Second B disputed and until 2001, when the Catalonia Cup was won against Barça by the hand of President Catalino Tenorio and coach Carles Viladegut. Finally, the current era in which, under the slogan “we have the future at home”, the club has gone through different stages, some better than others, until reaching our days.

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