Segre Gold Interpretation Centre is a space located in a building next to El Molí de l’Esquerrà where the history of gold exploitation in the Segre River is being studied and we invite the visitors to live the real experience of gold searchers.


El Molí de l'Esquerrà

El Molí de l’Esquerrà is an old flour mill that was reformed in the 19th century; it used the water power to move the hydraulic wheel that operated the mechanism to grind the grain. The channel that provided it with water took the same name from the mill itself and, at first, was exclusively for its use. The mill was made up of a basement, where the hydraulic wheel was located, a ground floor where there was the milestone, a top floor, and the attic. Now the mill is the main entrance to the Gold Interpretation Centre.


In this space, through different panels and displays, surrounded by an environment of riparian forest, there is a historical route through gold exploitation in the Segre River, there is evidence of extraction from Roman times in Cerdanya, but had moments of special activity in the Andalusian period and later, in the 14th and 17th centuries, when mercury began to be used as an amalgamating agent to extract the gold from the sand.


The search for gold is carried out in the gold-panning site and it is distributed in two spaces at different levels. The first one is intended for the youngest and precedes a large mural illustrated with legends and stories inspired by the search and the value of gold, such as that of King Midas or that of the treasures of Pere, Count of Urgell. Here, children can practice gold searching in an adapted gold-panning site.

A collection of pans of different materials and times around the world leads to the second space, aimed at the general public, where the visitor can perform a gold search workshop with the pan and golden sand of the Segre River.

Next to the gold-panning site the visitor can consult dossiers on the history and technique of gold research in Segre and in different auriferous areas of other continents around the world.





From October to March

From Tuesday to Sunday and holidays from 11am to 14pm
* Closed on Mondays (not holidays)
* November 1, Al the Saints, from 11am to 2pm
* During the Sant Crist festival, November 9-10, from 11am to 2pm
Concerted visits and groups: +034 973 448 668


From April to September

Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 2pm
Saturdays from 11am to 2pm and from 18 to 8pm
Sundays and public holidays from 11am to 2pm
* Closed on Mondays (not holidays)




    - General: 1 €
    - Reduced: 0,50 € (groups –10 people minimum—, seniors and pensioners)
    - Free: under 16 years old

Ticket + Guided tour

    - General: 2 €
    - Reduced: 1 € (groups –10 people minimum—, seniors and pensioners, under 16 years old)
    - Under 16 years old: 0,50 €

Ticket + gold search workshop

    - General: 4 €
    - Reduced: 2 € (groups –10 people minimum—, seniors and pensioners, under 16 years old)
    - Under 16 years old: 1,50 €

Ticket + guided tour + gold search workshop

    - General: 5 €
    - Reduced: 2,50 € (groups –10 people minimum—, seniors and pensioners, under 16 years old)
    - Under 16 years old: 2 €

   ** Consult the proposals, prices and activities for schools

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